The Silver Bullet ~ “The Bourne Legacy” Trailer

Synopsis: The Bourne Legacy expands the Bourne universe created by Robert Ludlum with an original story that introduces us to a new hero whose life-or-death stakes have been triggered by the events of the first three films.

Release Date:  August 3, 2012

Thoughts:  While some were a bit up in arms when it was announced that Matt Damon would not be returning for a fourth Bourne flick, I was happy to see that there would be a fresh take on the series with a new lead actor.  Jeremy Renner sure has made a name for himself in the last few years (does anyone remember him from The IT Factor: LA on Bravo?  Anyone?  Anyone?) and I think he is a more than worthy successor to Damon in the newly created role he’s showcased in here.  As for the trailer, it’s a slick teaser as to what we can expect later this summer from director/writer Tony Gilroy and his crew.  I’m pleased to see familiar faces from the series returning…including Joan Allen in her best tight-lipped mode.  I’m fairly confident that this will turn out to be a nice bit of escapist entertainment after a summer of bombastic entries.

The Silver Bullet ~ “American Reunion” Trailer

Synopsis: Jim, Michelle, Stifler, and their friends reunite in East Great Falls, Michigan for their high school reunion

Release Date:  April 6, 2012

Thoughts:  Who would have thought that 13 years after the original film was a surprise hit that we’d be on our fourth serving of American Pie?  Well…actually, if you count all the other American Pie spin-offs this is the SEVENTH film in the series.  I checked out after American Wedding and am not so sure about what is said to be the last entry of the franchise.  Everyone you see on the poster above (with the exception of Allyson Hannigan) has hit a dead-end and are probably looking to this to give their career CPR.  That the trailer produces no laughs or memorable moments doesn’t bode well for it.  Only Eugene Levy can be counted on for a guffaw or two and he already looks exhausted.