What Movie Should Joe See?: Summer Camp Edition!


It’s poll time again!

Even me, a die-hard movie fan, has a list of movies they are ashamed to admit they either haven’t seen or don’t remember seeing.  I’m not going to air all my shameful misses now…but here are three that I sincerely regret not seeing.Now this poll is a little different – I’ve actually seen all of these movies but am interested in revisiting a few of them…so I want you to vote on your favorite and I’ll review the top three vote getters for a few Camp themed blog entries.

You hold the cards (or remote, if you will)…let your vote be counted! 

Read the reviews of previous poll winners here: Diner & Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner

Voting is open until next Friday (June 29) and hey, leave a comment as to why you chose what you chose!

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The Silver Bullet ~ “Union Square” Trailer

Synopsis:  A reluctant reunion of two estranged sisters. One is on the verge of marriage; the other is on the verge of a nervous breakdown…

Release Date:  TBA

Thoughts:  Mira Sorvino is one of those actresses that gets better and more beautiful with age.  Her early work was spotty and her Oscar win for Mighty Aphrodite was chalked up as a fluke until she took a break from acting and started making wiser choices.  This NYC indie directed by Nancy Savoca seems to be a nice vehicle for showcasing Sorvino’s more developed acting chops. I appreciated the trailer not giving quite everything away while still letting us know what to expect.  I’m not the biggest fan of costar Tammy Blanchard and feel that ever since she played Judy Garland she can’t shake Garland’s mannerisms…but here’s hoping that Savoca and Sorvino bring out more Tammy than Judy.  Bonus points for adding Broadway divas Patti LuPone and Daphne Rubin-Vega to the mix!