The Silver Bullet ~ Paranormal Activity 4

Synopsis: “The plot is undisclosed at this time.”

Release Date:  October 12, 2012

Thoughts: When the original Paranormal Activity was released in 2009 it created one of the buzziest media campaigns for an indie horror film since The Blair Witch Project.  Where there’s money there’s a sequel and over the last three years each October has seen the release of a new chapter in the Paranormal Activity saga.  What I feel has set this series apart from, say, the Saw films was that for a franchise made for little money there have been some surprisingly strong choices made with each new film.  Crafting a back-story and staying true to it while advancing the arc has made these films some of the better (and certainly scarier)scream-fests in recent memory.  I wouldn’t go so far as to call these classics or films that will figure into the pop culture of the decade like a Jason or a Freddy but each sequel has spooked me and kept me entertained.  The fourth entry looks more of the same – I always felt that four films would serve the overall story best so it will be interesting to see how this one performs and if the studio is willing to let a guaranteed money-maker go so easily into the night.