31 Days to Scare ~ Kill List

The MN Movie Man

The Facts:

Synopsis: Nearly a year after a botched job, a hitman takes a new assignment with the promise of a big payoff for three killings. What starts off as an easy task soon unravels, sending the killer into the heart of darkness.

Stars:  Neil Maskell, MyAnna Buring, Michael Smiley, Harry Simpson

Director: Ben Wheatley

Rated: Not Rated

Running Length: 95 Minutes

Random Crew Highlight: Armourer ~ Mike Wild

TMMM Score: (8/10)

Review:  This is not a movie for everyone.  Let’s just get that out of the way right off the bat.  Even hardcore genre fans will have a tough time with this one as it plays several nasty tricks with plot and logic that may be simply too much to accept for most.  Those that enjoy their films with a raw edge and a dangerous angle should pay attention, because…

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