The Silver Bullet ~ Girl Most Likely


Synopsis: A failed New York playwright awkwardly navigates the transition from Next Big Thing to Last Year’s News.

Release Date:  July 19, 2013

Thoughts: Is anyone else getting a little Postcards from the Edge feeling while watching the trailer for this indie dramedy starring Kristen Wiig (Friends with Kids) and Annette Bening (The Grifters and who just so happens to have been in Postcards from the Edge)?  It’s hard to argue that there are parallels with that earlier film but in the hands of Wiig and Bening we may just have a sleeper hit on our hands.  Though originally intended to be released in 2012, the movie has been pushed back a few times which doesn’t necessarily bode well for the confidence its studio has in it.  Still, I’d probably follow Wiig into a movie about toenail clipping so it’s highly likely I’ll be seeking this one out in late July.