Fantastic Fest 2021

Seriously, what good fortune lucky charm did I pick up this year? Gearing up to attend another film festival and Fantastic Fest, held yearly in Austin, TX is one that’s always coming up in conversations on almost everything I read and listen to. Named one of the “25 film festivals worth the entry fee” and on numerous “best of” festival list rankings, this festival has grown by leaps and bounds every year and has hosted a number of World Premieres and special screenings annually. Directors like Paul Thomas Anderson, André Øvredal, Ben Wheatley, Mel Gibson, Pedro Almodóvar, Tim Burton, The Wachowskis, Eli Roth, Alfonso Cuarón, and more have shown their new films in various forms of completion to enthusiastic audiences. The in-person event is held at the Alamo Drafthouse and in 2021 the festival is reformatting its structure to comply with the ongoing health crisis. If you can’t attend in person, the virtual portion of Fantastic Fest, FF@HOME, will take place on Alamo On Demand after the on the ground event has completed its run.

That means I’ve been getting ready for a few days now and will be dropping in occasionally over these first seven days to let you know the titles you’ll want to check out if you are attending the event in person as well as the offerings with virtual availability you can fire up from the comfort of your own home. Not every film is available in both programs but thankfully quite a lot of them are — a big win for all that attend Fantastic Fest in any form. More information is available here so get your tickets now and make some time — these programmers have been working hard to make this festival truly fantastic!

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