Nashville Film Fest 2021

It’s more than just the chicken that’s hot in Music City, U.S.A.! The 2021 Nashville Film Festival has a diverse line-up of films that celebrate not just local filmmakers and artists from Tennessee but an international gathering of talent that aligns with its focus to bolster creative endeavors within communities. I love that each festival seems to have its own special niches that speak to numerous tastes and interests — so it’s not all hoity-toity work that I think you instantly picture when you hear the words “film festival”. The programmers for the Nashville Film Festival certainly have done a great deal of work in picking a slate that feels vibrant and ‘now’ — I’ll be sending in two batches of reviews during its run. Check out the film guide and all the info on how you can see the movies in person or streaming right here.

Update #1 – I followed my heart, and it led me to Nashville…and these movie reviews 🙂