The 42nd Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival (MSPIFF)

I can’t believe it’s been almost a decade since I got serious about attending a Film Festival right in my own backyard! Perhaps it was because the last time I scheduled myself of the Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival was at a time I became so ill that I barely made it to each of my screenings. Even then, my main meals were cough drops and soda water with a side of Kleenex. Each time I thought about signing up to go again, I swear psychosomatic symptoms creeped back up and made me falter. The line-up for the 2023 festival (the 42nd!) was too good to let my imagined hypochondria get me down and I’m looking forward to exploring a diverse crop of films from our shores and further out. Check back here for links to reviews of the movies I’ve caught over the next two weeks — I predict great things to come!

Dreamin’ Wild {MSPIFF 2023}

Showing Up {MSPIFF 2023}

Blackberry {MSPIFF 2023}

Dancing Queen {MSPIFF 2023}

The Beasts {MSPIFF 2023}

I Like Movies {MSPIFF 2023}

Birth/Rebirth {MSPIFF 2023}

My Sailor, My Love {MSPIFF 2023}

Flamin’ Hot {MSPIFF 2023}

Secret Screening {MSPIFF 2023}

40 Below: The Toughest Race in the World {MSPIFF 2023}

Being Mary Tyler Moore {MSPIFF 2023}

Mom and Dad’s Nipple Factory {MSPIFF 2023}

Minnesota Mean {MSPIFF 2023}