31 Days to Scare – October 2016


Well…it’s been four years since 31 Days to Scare was a regular thing but I’m bringing it back with a vengeance.

Every day in October I’ll be giving you 31 movies to chill your bones, hopefully shining a light on a few titles you haven’t heard of.

As always, you can leave a comment below, tweet me (@joemnmovieman) , or e-mail me (joethemnmovieman@gmail.com) if you have suggestions for the site or ideas on future reviews.


Here are the 2016 Reviews:

the-taking-of-deborah-loganThe Taking of Deborah Logan

starry_eyesStarry Eyes

lets_scare_jessica_to_deathLet’s Scare Jessica to Death



eyes_of_laura_marsEyes of Laura Mars

psycho_iiPsycho II

tales_of_halloween_ver2Tales of Halloween

nightmareNightmare (1964)

brides_of_dracula_poster_01The Brides of Dracula

body_snatchersBody Snatchers (1993)

house_on_sorority_rowThe House on Sorority Row (1983)

fanThe Fan (1981)

cjlrozlvaaiwrnbSingle White Female


jennifer_eight_ver1Jennifer 8

elvira_mistress_of_the_darkElvira, Mistress of the Dark

happy_birthday_to_me_poster_01Happy Birthday to Me

stepfatherThe Stepfather (1987)

woods-movie-posterThe Woods (2006)

conspiracy_ver2The Conspiracy

killer-party-poster-resized-1Killer Party


tucker_and_dale_vs_evil_ver4Tucker and Dale vs. Evil