What Movie Should Joe See?: Summer Camp Edition!


It’s poll time again!

Even me, a die-hard movie fan, has a list of movies they are ashamed to admit they either haven’t seen or don’t remember seeing.  I’m not going to air all my shameful misses now…but here are three that I sincerely regret not seeing.Now this poll is a little different – I’ve actually seen all of these movies but am interested in revisiting a few of them…so I want you to vote on your favorite and I’ll review the top three vote getters for a few Camp themed blog entries.

You hold the cards (or remote, if you will)…let your vote be counted! 

Read the reviews of previous poll winners here: Diner & Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner

Voting is open until next Friday (June 29) and hey, leave a comment as to why you chose what you chose!

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One comment on “What Movie Should Joe See?: Summer Camp Edition!

  1. I really liked “Wet Hot American Summer” when I saw it. I didn’t really know what it was about, and I just surrendered the absurdity of it all. I think it’s a better movie to watch with other people who have that sense of humor, though. Maybe a glass of wine, too…

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