The Silver Bullet ~ “The Host” Teaser

Synopsis: An alien invader inhabits a captured human in an attempt to locate the last surviving free humans on Earth.

Release Date: March 29, 2013

Thoughts: Just as Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight saga is drawing to a close, the film adaptation of another of her novels is being prepped for release.  Really showing nothing much in terms of plot it’s the true definition of a teaser.  It’s interesting that Andrew Niccol is sitting in the director’s chair for this one.  He has a good track record for futuristic plotlines (Gattaca is a classic in my book) so I’m hoping with Niccol at the helm and a few dependable actors in the cast that we have something to look forward to.  I’m not familiar with the book and am a little exhausted with Meyer’s juvenile prose so here’s hoping that the film version is a bit more sophisticated than vampires and werewolves.  This teaser is arriving a YEAR before the movie is released…gotta love advanced marketing.

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