The Silver Bullet ~ “Bully” Trailer


Synopsis: A documentary on peer-to-peer bullying in schools across America.

Release Date:  TBA 2012

Thoughts:  If you’ve been reading any of the news out of Hollywood in the past two weeks you must have come across the hubbub over this documentary on the uptick in bullying and bullying related suicides.  The MPAA ratings board stuck this one with an “R” for its use of the f-bomb and after an appeal was denied producer Harvey Weinstein is considering withdrawing from the MPAA in protest.  Discussions about the validity of the ratings board are a hot button issue in Hollywood (documented well in the excellent documentary This Film is Not Yet Rated) and I’m very much on the side of Weinstein in this matter.  What the MPAA lets pass for a PG-13 has become increasingly loose and giving this an “R” will effectively prohibit it from being shown in schools.  This is an important movie with an meaningful message that could lead to change.  Weinstein doesn’t want to compromise and bleep anything in the film nor should he…it’s time that the MPAA was challenged and I’ve a feeling this movie is going to be a catalyst for change in not only the topic of bullying but to a much smaller degree the ratings system in the USA.

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