One comment on “Why Haven’t You Seen This Movie? ~ Taking Chance

  1. R. L. Kinsner says:

    As a former combat Marine veteran of Viet Nam, I have to admit not only was I very deeply touched by the film’s complete accuracy and genuine portrayal of the treatment of our Combat Fallen, but Mr. Bacon’s powerfully humble (and obviously well-reseaerched) job of Lt. Colonel Strobl’s emotional escorting of a true American hero to his home and family left me speechless, proud, sad to have survived when so many I served with did not, and very teary eyed throuhout most of the movie. This is a must see masterpiece work, and I will be sharing it with many friends and family members for years to come.
    (former) Corporal R. L. Kinsner, U.S.M.C.

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