The Silver Bullet ~ Come Out and Play


Synopsis:  A young married couple are on a holiday together when they venture to a beautiful, but highly remote, island. When they arrive, they notice that while there are plenty of children present, the adults all seem to be missing.

Release Date:  March 22, 2013

Thoughts: Though it looks like a straight-up remake of the messy 80’s creep-fest Children of the Corn, Come Out and Play is actually an update on a 1976 Spanish film.  This sinister looking film has a trailer that gave me the willies…children are scary enough but make them emotion-less psychos and you’ve got a nightmare waiting to happen.  I like that most of this seems to take place in the daylight…it’s so easy to play off of our fears of the dark to scare us so keeping it brightly lit always tells me you are working with a confident production.  Even with so-so actress Vinessa Shaw (Hocus Pocus, Side Effects), this could end up being an effective horror film if done right so here’s hoping that everything falls into place for a nicely done spook out experience.

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