The Silver Bullet ~ Open Grave


Synopsis: A man wakes up in the wilderness, in a pit full of dead bodies, with no memory and must determine if the murderer is one of the strangers who rescued him, or if he himself is the killer.

Release Date:  January 3, 2014

Thoughts:  For the sake of good will in the new year I’m trying to squelch this feeling I have inside that Open Grave is another routine thriller amped up with a well edited trailer.  Starring Sharlto Copley (Elysium, Maleficent) as an amnesiac that wakes up to a nightmare, the film appears to have a nice coating of grim grime to keep things menacing as our lead character must unravel a mystery concerning his own identity while staying one step ahead of a killer on the hunt.  I’ve seen so many similarly designed films that have cop out endings with twists that make no sense so my fingers are crossed that  Open Grave keeps those silly plot devices buried.  I’m cautiously interested.

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