The Silver Bullet ~ Raze



Synopsis: Focuses on two abducted women & 48 others who are forced to fight each other using their bare hands.

Release Date:  January 10, 2014 (limited)

Thoughts: Stunt woman Zoë Bell (Oblivion, Django Unchained, Iron Man 3) leads a cast of buffed up broads in Raze, a grindhouse-style film that looks to be a slice of retro heaven.  The women behind bars exploitation film fell out of fashion in the early 90’s once the “there’s just no good parts for women” quote became the standard response from many of the Hollywood elite who crooked their noses up at these low budget efforts.  Turns out that all the genre needed for a revival was a game group of women that could believably kick ass and take names of their male counterparts.  I’ll expect some hard-wired groups will be aghast at the film’s extreme violence and women battling women for survival but the filmmakers behind Raze seem to have made their intentions clear that they aren’t remaking the wheel…they’re just redefining it.

One comment on “The Silver Bullet ~ Raze

  1. The Vern says:

    OHHHH Man That looks Brutal, but OHHHHH so Freaking awesome. Love Zoe Bell after Death Proof and the documentary on her. This actually has a good story and great action. Thanks for posting

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