October at the Alamo


Used to be that in October if you wanted to see a scary movie or two you had to hunt down a theater showing midnight screenings of the same old set of horror standards and pick your poison.  Lucky for us in MN (or for those living in a place close to an Alamo Drafthouse Cinema) because with the arrival of the Alamo Drafthouse Twin Cities in July 2018 there has been a wealth of themed programming each month and they’ve really gone above and beyond for October.

With horror classics interspersed with schlock comedies and uncovered gems, there’s something for every kind of horror fan in the family.  Here are a few upcoming titles to consider:

Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein: Cereal Party – Saturday, October 12 – If you’ve never seen this, boy oh boy, are you missing out!  At one point I had written this off as too old to be appealing to my taste but then I saw it and it’s funny and scary with Bud Abbott and Lou Costello uproarious as they come face to face with some great Universal Monsters.  The monsters have never been better and this one works every single time!  Plus – at this screening you get all you can eat cereal!

Cabin in the Woods: Beer Dinner – Saturday, October 12 – A fun movie gets a fun screening!  With your ticket (slightly expensive, I should add), comes a meal and drinks tailored specially for the film.  The food at the Alamo is often better than average and for these special screenings they definitely kick it up a notch.  I wouldn’t be surprised if this is right on the money – plus, the movie is so good it might be an impressively special date night option.

A Nightmare on Elm Street: Movie Party – Wednesday, October 16 – Sadly, I’m not able to attend this but I would certainly be there if I could.  Movie Parties at the Alamo are a blast.  Not only are they more lax on their “no talking” rule (you still can’t text, thank you very much!) but they provide you with props to interact more with the movie and your fellow audience members.  If you have the right audience that has come ready to play, it can truly enhance the experience.  I have it on good authority one of the props given out at this party is a Freddy glove…so get your ticket pronto!  If you don’t want your glove after, I want it!!

The Witches: Flashback Brunch – Sunday, October 27 – Ugh!  Another one I can’t make and this one really hurts my heart.  The Witches is one of my all-time favorite films and to miss seeing this one in theaters will haunt me for some time.  Like, truly haunt me.  At this Flashback Brunch, guests can order off of a special brunch menu (not included in the price of the ticket) and I would recommend getting the mimosas – with two selections of fresh squeezed juice and a bottle of champagne provided, it’s well worth the cost.  Plus…the movie is divine.

Check out the full list below:

Looking over this list there are at least 6 other titles I would go and see (I was just there last night to see the excellent documentary Wolfman’s Got Nards and The Monster Squad).  One of these years I’ll be brave enough to tackle the 8 hours of Dismember the Alamo…but tickets go so fast!  I’m looking forward to seeing what November and December brings!

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