Screen Actors Guild Awards Nominations 2020

Happy Screen Actors Guild Award nomination day to you!

Started in 1995, the nominees for Screen Actors Guild Awards (or SAG) are determined by a committees that represent each of the two unions under the guild: film and television.  Every year this voting body changes so unlike the Academy who votes on the Oscar you aren’t dealing with the same interests year after year.  Once the nominations are announced the entire union which is close to 200,000 members vote to determine the winner.   As nice as it is to take home a Golden Globe and or an Oscar are fun, the recipient of The Actor must feel an extra oomph of support because they were voted on by their peers.  I also appreciate the show feels well produced and observant of time 🙂

The nominations for the 2020 Screen Actors Guild Awards to recognize the achievements for the movies released in 2019 were announced this morning and the full of list of nominees can be found here.  The nominees aren’t too suprising, but a number of big names like Eddie Murphy and Robert DeNiro were left out as were hopefuls like Awkwafina (The Farewell) who should have made the cut.  Also interesting to note the complete lack of love for Little Women, Richard Jewell, and The Two Popes.

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