One comment on “Movie Review ~ Premium Rush

  1. Mike Mathis says:

    Your critique of this film seems a trifle pretentious. If you remember, Plot Point One has the main character,Wiley, going to the police station to make a report about the crazed man chasing him. While Wiley is in the lobby the antagonist, Detective Monday, walks in and is revealed to be an NYPD detective. Also, one of the film’s subplots involves several bike chases between Wiley and a NYPD bike officer who arrives shortly thereafter. This lends credibility to Wiley’s decision to leave the police station. Shannon’s depiction of Monday did seem somewhat over the top, but with the pace of the movie being so fast, it felt appropriate for the main antagonist, whose purpose is the provide conflict, to be an adequate representation of the mood of the film. Will he win an Oscar? No, but it still was a decent performance. I think Chung’s performance was very good also. She provided great emotional content for the story’s midpoint revelation. Her demure character and overall vulnerability makes the audience emotionally vested in her familial interests. I really enjoyed the non linear story telling. One thing that stuck out to me is how the film somewhat ingratiated the audience to Monday’s plight, making him the protagonist in a very strong subplot that presents Wiley as the antagonist keeping him from attaining something that will in effect, save his life. His character development and the investigation of this motivation made his frenzied approach that much more believable. Overall, I think it was a well written and well directed movie.

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