The Silver Bullet ~ To The Wonder


Synopsis: After visiting Mont Saint-Michel, Marina and Neil come to Oklahoma, where problems arise. Marina meets a priest and fellow exile, who is struggling with his vocation, while Neil renews his ties with a childhood friend, Jane.

Release Date:  April 12, 2013

Thoughts: I’m really trying to focus on the pedigree involved with this project, rather than the snooze inducing synopsis and trailer.  Director Terrence Malick has created some of the most beautifully filmed projects in film history…and some of the most divisive as well.  2011’s The Tree of Life caused rifts in many film circles with some labeling it a masterpiece while others were ready to spit nails by the final reel.  I found The Tree of Life a worthy challenge, liking it more than others so I’m ready to give To The Wonder a fighting chance based solely on Malick’s track record and the curious cast assembled.  Though other stars were cast in the film, many including Rachel Weisz and Jessica Chastain didn’t make the final cut!  That says something about Malick that he’s willing to make such deep cuts to a film.  Early reports have To The Wonder being another love it or leave it film…so I’m cautiously optimistic about Malick’s follow-up.

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