The Silver Bullet ~ Curse of Chucky


Synopsis: Chucky the killer doll returns to terrorize a family funeral.

Release Date:  September 24, 2013 (OnDemand); October 8, 2013 (DVD/BluRay)

Thoughts: What started as a interesting nugget of a horror idea in 1988’s Child’s Play has bloomed into a horror franchise that has gone through several transformations in the ensuing years.  The first two sequels were moderately engaging even if they were basic retreads of the original and then the producers turned Chucky the killer doll into a Freddy Krueger wisecracking villain that helped him move through two more films.  Now writer/director Don Mancini (who has written every Chucky film to date) is attempting a return to the horror roots with Curse of Chucky, a direct to video effort that I’m looking forward to even though it looks like total garbage.  With the advances in technology, the doll is less robotic looking but also comes across even more fake, if that’s even possible.  Now resembling a Garbage Pail Kid more than a My Buddy-esque playpal, I’m not sure this will be the movie fans have waited for but sign me up for a film with more kills at the hands of Barbie and Ken’s chubby cousin.

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