4 comments on “Movie Review ~ Moonrise Kingdom

  1. Pat Botten says:

    I loved this movie!

  2. Cathy says:

    I like the (new?) search feature on your site! Murray + McDormand are 2 of my favorite actors…Bruce is awesome too. I really like him outside of the action-dude character. Now with your glowing (but honest) review, I am really excited to see this film!

  3. Joe says:

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    Hey…summer is drawing to a close and today and tomorrow I wanted to re-blog my reviews of the two best movies of the summer…first up…Moonrise Kingdom. It’s at The Riverview Theater this week — a perfect way to see the film in a classic theater for a bargain!

  4. chaszak says:

    I agree with you, Joe, that Moonrise Kingdom is a wonderful movie and seeing it at the Riverview is a definite plus. The secret weapon of the film, for me, is Bob Balaban.

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