The Silver Bullet ~ Goodnight Mommy


Synopsis: In the heat of the summer. A lonesome house in the countryside between woods and corn fields. Nine-year-old twin brothers are waiting for their mother. When she comes home, bandaged after cosmetic surgery, nothing is like before. The children start to doubt that this woman is actually their mother.

Release Date:  TBD 2015

Thoughts:  I gotta say, the horror genre is really stepping up its game as of late.  No doubt that each year will continue to see the release of any number of cheap-o scares courtesy of frugal studios tossing a few coins toward another found footage entry or franchise pic they can use as a tax write off.  But every now and then one or two gems will slide through, accurately heralded as standing head and shoulders above its higher-profile contemporaries.  The Babadook took 2014 by storm and It Follows made a nice show earlier in 2015.  Now comes Goodnight Mommy from Austria and, judging by the trailer alone, there’s another buzzy shocker on the horizon.  There’s a lot of frights and shocks crammed into the well edited 2 ½ minutes…including one horrific midnight snack that cemented my notion that I shouldn’t have watched it right before bed. 

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